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One of the most common reasons our customers get in touch with our support team has got to do with problems in using images in their campaigns. In this blog, I highlight some of the common pitfalls (and questions) about using images and show how you can avoid them. What is a good file name […]

We are currently busy working on new updates for eConnect Email.  Some of the updates are on our new Preference Center, reports (which we hope will WOW everyone) and a few other smaller updates.  But I’m excited to share with you 4 new templates designed by our team. They have been tested to display correctly […]

Ok, let’s get this sorted quickly.  The answer is simply no.  Online video has been the new kid on the marketing block for quite some time, with companies big and small jumping in with some form of video marketing. Recently, Goodmail, a third-party reputation services provider (RSP), was talking about allowing email marketers to deliver […]

Some help on understanding the not-so-new US CAN-SPAM Act. Navigating the new CAN-SPAM Act