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You can be anything you want to be online, and your company is just waiting to tap on the endless possibilities.  But first, read our etiquette guide to make sure you’re not in danger of letting your dark side take over: Monster Marketer #1: The Invader Think about the people you’d love to keep at […]

We get plenty of email marketing questions from our customers, some of whom are still treading gingerly into a weird, and sometimes wacky online world.  So we’ve put together our “Email Marketing Basics” Q&A series, to lend direction to email marketers who are just starting out.  We’ll be adding to this section as we go […]

If you’ve been wondering when to send out your newsletter, you’re not alone. Back in ’04, at least two prominent studies concluded that a Monday morning (6-10am) mail-out would get you the highest open rates, and apparently, if you couldn’t make Monday, Tuesday wasn’t half bad either.  The result? Email marketers fell over themselves and […]

Creating an e-mail newsletter isn’t rocket science, or at least, it shouldn’t be.  In fact, we’ve found that keeping it simple often gets the best results, and by simple, we mean fewer words, less graphics, and going easy on the sales pitch.  Read on for more ideas on how to turn your e-mail newsletter into […]

Loren McDonald at Email Insider has an interesting post up that talks about “render rate.” In a nutshell, EEC is looking at getting support to make “render rate” an industry standard. The “render rate” is a new industry-wide metric created to measure the initial level of email engagement more accurately and consistently than the open […]