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What is this “preference center” thing about? Simply put, the preference center is a kind of membership page where your subscribers can update their information and subscription preferences.  This gives them the convenience of making changes to their subscription when they want.  For example, one of your subscribers (let’s call him John) is switching to […]

I want to talk about the host of new email templates that we have just rolled out that you can immediately use for your own email campaigns, for free. If you have an eConnect Email account, these templates have been pre-installed for you.  To use them for your campaigns, simply start a new campaign and […]

If you’ve been checking out our website, you’d know that we’ve been talking a lot about tagging and how it can help you generate better campaign reports, understand your subscribers better, and produce better campaigns. Just so you can share in our excitement, we’d like to walk you through the process and show you a […]

Cathie Dodd from Tears Of Joy video did this simple but effective video on list building ethics.