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While doing an email testing for one of clients, we realize that Google’s Gmail no longer supports paragraph as it meant to be. If you were to use paragraph tag (<p></p>), as you should, Gmail seems to ignore them. Looking at the sample email above, you can see that Gmail is ignoring the paragraph spacing. We hope […]


We have just rolled out a number of new features to eConnect Email, and we are very excited to share them with you here.  As always, we want to make eConnect Email better, stronger and more fun to use, so this new batch of updates is geared towards making subscriber management and campaign building easier […]

While running through the campaigns sent by our customers, I notice one obvious missing link.  No, not the unsubscribe link, because, after all, you will not be able to send any campaigns without it. I’m referring to a simple link that will help you spread your campaigns and the opportunity to get a few new subscribers. […]

Would you like to track your email campaign beyond your subscriber click-throughs?  If you do, our integration with Google Analytics (GA) will be your new best friend, next to eConnect Email itself.  Currently, email marketing reporting can only follow subscribers up to the point where they click on the links in your email campaign after […]

Loren McDonald at Email Insider has an interesting post up that talks about “render rate.” In a nutshell, EEC is looking at getting support to make the “render rate” an industry standard. The “render rate” is a new industry-wide metric created to measure the initial level of email engagement more accurately and consistently than the […]