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One interesting facet of email marketing is holding contests—this isn’t exactly a novel idea anymore, but it can add interest and involve your customers.  But if you decide to run a contest, beware of how you post the winners!  Some sites have opted for using a mix of email marketing and other media such as […]


In life, most things are far more complex than they appear at first glance.  Have you ever thought about what goes into making your shower water turn on in the morning?  What makes your microwave heat your food?  What makes your cell phone work?  What gets your piece of mail delivered to a totally different […]

Don’t buy email lists! It’s wrong and it hurts your brand. If that’s not enough to stop you, then please remember the puppies! Don’t buy email lists…don’t kill puppies!

Sometimes little things slip through the cracks when sending an email like a typo or sending the email twice.  We kick ourselves for these little mistakes and call ourselves an idiot but in reality you got your message across and people forgive and forget quicker than you think, sometimes they may not even notice. So, […]