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Sales are down. Money is tight. You need to increase your bottom line. But you don’t have the money to launch a full fledge marketing campaign. In the past, you would’ve had only a few options: buckle down and spend the money, launch a mediocre campaign, or simply go without and pray for the best. […]

Getting subscribers to open your emails can sometimes be a challenge, especially when they are subscribed to numerous email lists. This month’s newsletter will help you rise above the inbox competition and move subscribers to open and read your emails. For This Month’s Tips & Tricks – CLICK HERE

The eConnect Email Team is excited to announce the release of our Private Label Email Marketing Solution.   With eConnect Email, you can launch a fully branded email marketing service without the hassle and cost of developing and maintaining an in-house solution.  We manage the technology and ISP relationships so that you can focus on building […]

Has Outlook Improved with the Release of 2010? Did the release of Outlook 2010 signify a step forward in the email marketing world? Probably not. In general, most email marketers have been frustrated with Microsoft since the release of Outlook 2007 when they began using Microsoft Word rather than Internet Explorer as their email-rendering engine. […]

With the sheer volume of email that piles into inboxes these days, it is interesting to note how different individuals choose to handle the onslaught. Much like different personality types, inbox management styles reflect a certain aspect of a person’s individual character. Most likely, the way that you manage your inbox will have direct comparisons […]