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The year 2010 brought huge changes in the way consumers interact with companies online. As social media opened the door for increased interaction between businesses and their customers, marketing efforts were often left scrambling to keep up with the changing demands of the new marketing landscape. As we head into 2011, the lessons we learned […]

Holidays are a great excuse for a fun email campaign.  You may be thinking “the holidays are over”, ha, I thought that too until I looked at the calendar and was reminded of all sorts of holidays, worthy of a little email so that you can stay connected with your subscribers. So, a new year […]

Remember the Dress for Success books that flooded bookshelves in the 70s? Bookstores today offer updated versions of those books that reflect fashion shifts over the intervening decades, but the concept remains the same. If people can learn to dress well, they’ll be more likely to get the jobs they want and to command respect […]


Choosing the right day to launch and send your email campaigns can have a huge effect overall results. Much of the process of deciding on a day will initially rely on intuition (Will people be packing up for the weekend on Friday and therefore be less likely to open emails? Will they be stuck in […]