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How successful is your email marketing campaign? That can be a tough question to answer, especially since so many elements must work together to create measurable success. The real question, then, should be how you can quantify success in order to know when you’ve got it and what you can change in order to generate […]

As summer revs its engines, visions of pristine beaches, inviting pools, and sizzling barbecues now occupy the thoughts of all but the most stalwart of employees. Even the non-working adults on your subscriber list will be occupied ferrying kids back and forth to the pool or hitting the golf green rather than clicking through email. […]

A few years back I subscribed to a newsletter from a gardening company. Each month, they sent me a well-written, informative article that included a plug for their website  and a relevant gardening tip. At the close of each email, they included a sentence that read: “Just ignore the ad. It’s how we pay the […]