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The phrase was, “content is king.” Content was key for search engine optimization and played a huge role to position your company as an industry resource. Then came social and the need for pushing consistent communication and creative tactics emerged through micro-sites and social media popularity exploding, driving brands to compete with the thought-leaders or […]

Plenty has been said about how to keep email marketing messages out of the spam trap, how to keep subscribers from clicking the spam button, and how to stay relevant. But underneath all this practical advice is a deeper question: What constitutes spam in the first place? Most people define spam as any marketing message […]

You cannot ignore Pinterest if you try. Everywhere you look is a headline about the exponential growth and popularity of the social-sharing website, how to get invited to be a Pinterest user, and what to do after you are officially a “Pinner.” I admit my first encounters with Pinterest were not positive ones. My brother’s self-indulged […]

So your company has a Facebook fan page. Maybe you’ve got a couple hundred likes, and you want to take it to the next level. You added a “Like us on Facebook” link to your eConnect email campaigns, expecting your Facebook fan club to explode like Justin Bieber’s. It’s been a week since you hit […]

Spring is just around the corner and we’re already growing.  Rob Ridgeway has recently joined the eConnect Email team as a Marketing Consultant in the Austin area.  Rob, a Montana native, completed his undergraduate studies at Montana State University and received his MBA from Gonzaga University.  He previously spent 6 years in banking and insurance […]