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Worried about the response rate to your email campaign? If so, you’re not alone. Over 90% of email subscribers have unsubscribed from a list they initially opted into. Of those, the majority have done so because they felt the content was boring or irrelevant. Did you see those numbers? Go back and read them again. […]

If you are unfamiliar with, as I imagine many people are, given the percentage of times I tell someone I am an Elite Yelper and they say, “What’s that?,” it is time to get familiar. On March 2, 2012, Yelp hosted their IPO with shares closing at $15 a share, 64% higher than anticipated.  […]

Increasing deliverability is a noble goal for every email marketer. And while you may be able to boost your rates with subject line and offer techniques, there is an underlying issue that often gets overlooked: list building. The Wrong Approach to List Building Despite the mountains of evidence showing the benefits of building your own […]

Loyalty-targeted emails can result in open rates as much as 40 percent higher than bulk mailings. That’s a statistic worth noting. If you don’t currently use segmentation to cater to subscriber preferences and build loyalty among existing customers, now is the time to start. Thank You Notes A simple “thank you” for subscribing, purchasing, or […]

Strong opinions abound on both sides of the co-registration debate. Co-registration, or the practice of subscribing to multiple newsletters simultaneously, walks a fine line when it comes to ethical list building practices. Let’s take a look at both sides of the debate. Co-Registration is the Answer to All Your List Building Woes! Adherents to this […]