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“I can’t believe she asked me that.” “I spent three hours going over the details of the proposal with him, and then at the last minute he backed out!” “I thought she wanted us to install a new kitchen sink and now she wants an entire remodel. And she’s upset every time I give her […]

Almost everyone who uses the internet has interacted with affiliate marketing in some way, though you might not have realized it. Affiliate marketing enables merchants to partner with a third party, or affiliate, to promote their products and services. It seems like a match made in heaven: the merchant gets free advertising, and the affiliate makes […]

When was the last time you went to a website and thought to yourself, “Wow, this copywriting is really fantastic! Look at all the bullet points!” Yeah, me neither. That’s because good copywriting is like the lighting guy at a concert: invisible, but essential for showcasing the main attraction (your information). Bad copywriting crashes the […]

You may remember the “Operation Ghost Click” in November of last year when the FBI tracked down hackers who were attempting to control over 570,000 computers worldwide through malware causing a DNS change. Unfortunately, shutting down the malicious hacker servers also meant shutting down the thousands of users’ internet that were infected with the DNS […]