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I recently subscribed to Entertainment Weekly and naturally gave them my email address when I created my profile online. Not long after, I received an email from Entertainment Weekly that said I could register for the Advance Screening Program and see new Hollywood movies before they hit the theaters. Unfortunately, the email was too good […]

Don’t buy email lists! It’s wrong and it hurts your brand. If that’s not enough to stop you, then please remember the puppies! Don’t buy email lists…don’t kill puppies!

Sometimes little things slip through the cracks when sending an email like a typo or sending the email twice.  We kick ourselves for these little mistakes and call ourselves an idiot but in reality you got your message across and people forgive and forget quicker than you think, sometimes they may not even notice. So, […]

3R’s of email marketing. Respect, Relevant, Reputation. Respect your subscribers by providing them Relevant content and this will build up your Reputation.

Cathie Dodd from Tears Of Joy video did this simple but effective video on list building ethics.