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Since our launch, we have encountered many potential spammers who tried their luck at using eConnect Email as their spam tool.  This post is dedicated to talk about these users and how we are very intolerant towards this kind of behavior in eConnect Email. First of all, let me be very clear here.  eConnect Email […]

I don’t know if I should pity Bob Richards, but I guess if you play with fire, you might get burnt.  Anyway, Bob Richards purchased a list from a company called EmailAppenders and paid some $14,000… Yes, you see that right: $14,000 for 100,000 supposedly targeted email addresses. The story goes that after being pleased […]

Loren McDonald posted an article at, about lessons we can learn from an unsolicited B2B email she received.  (The article is available at  She listed some obvious facts that many marketers or salespersons either forget about, or simply choose to ignore. Her point 4. No Unsubscribe – The email, which was “sent” from […]

Recently, we were invited by a big organization to hop over and present our email marketing software to them.  Being a small or even tiny company by comparison, we were naturally honored. So Johnny and I got to work and prepared our presentation.  On the big day, things went well and we thought we were […]