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Your call to action is arguably the most important element of your email marketing messages. Because it provides the link between passive reading and active clicking, it supersedes even the supremacy of the subject line. But many businesses fail to treat it with the respect it deserves. Subject lines tend to get all the attention […]

The year 2010 brought huge changes in the way consumers interact with companies online. As social media opened the door for increased interaction between businesses and their customers, marketing efforts were often left scrambling to keep up with the changing demands of the new marketing landscape. As we head into 2011, the lessons we learned […]

What do email marketing and romance have in common?  Plenty, in our opinion.  For one, reaching out to a customer or prospect online is a lot like being on a first date, where you’re not sure if there will be a second.  Except, if you’re running an email campaign, you could possibly be on your […]

If you’ve been wondering when to send out your newsletter, you’re not alone. Back in ’04, at least two prominent studies concluded that a Monday morning (6-10am) mail-out would get you the highest open rates, and apparently, if you couldn’t make Monday, Tuesday wasn’t half bad either.  The result? Email marketers fell over themselves and […]