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A few years back I subscribed to a newsletter from a gardening company. Each month, they sent me a well-written, informative article that included a plug for their website  and a relevant gardening tip. At the close of each email, they included a sentence that read: “Just ignore the ad. It’s how we pay the […]

It’s happened to all of us. You hit an “I Agree” or “Subscribe” or “Buy” button without reading the fine print, only to discover that you’ve inadvertently signed up for a monthly newsletter, weekly promotional flyer, and daily deal alerts, all without intending to. When the first email arrives, you franticly click the unsubscribe button […]

Ever wondered how email messages get flagged as spam? For every email campaign you create, there is a possibility that up to 20% of the emails you send will wind up flagged as spam. The responsibility can be shared by indiscriminate spam filters and poorly constructed newsletters, but the bottom line for businesses is determining […]

As we put the holidays behind us and face a new year, most businesses have decisions to make about their email marketing campaigns. Heavy advertising and shopping seasons mean email list expansion, and now that you have all those new subscribers eagerly awaiting your newsletter, the question of how to keep those subscribers happy must […]

Valentines day is already behind us, although our lovely offer is still good for a few more days (view our newsletter for more details). So be good to your business and take advantage of the savings while giving your email campaigns a fresh and professional look. Also, included in this months newsletter is our email […]