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We’re constantly asked by our clients “what’s the best time to send my email campaign”. Our friends from across the pond, Pure360 have identified patterns in consumers’ responses and below you will find an infographic depicting their findings and recommendations. Choosing the right day/ time to send your email campaigns can have a huge effect […]

Choosing the right day to launch and send your email campaigns can have a huge effect overall results. Much of the process of deciding on a day will initially rely on intuition (Will people be packing up for the weekend on Friday and therefore be less likely to open emails? Will they be stuck in […]

If you’ve been wondering when to send out your newsletter, you’re not alone. Back in ’04, at least two prominent studies concluded that a Monday morning (6-10am) mail-out would get you the highest open rates, and apparently, if you couldn’t make Monday, Tuesday wasn’t half bad either.  The result? Email marketers fell over themselves and […]