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On occasion, we review HTML email code for a few clients. This review isn’t an audit. It’s an answer to a client’s plea for help. Sometimes a client will approach us for help because they can’t figure out how to fix an image that refuses to sit in the right place or how to correct […]

Do you use e-mail marketing at work or in your own business?  If you do, here’s the good news: Outlook 2010 Beta is now ready for use in your Inbox Preview reports within eConnect Email.  While some email marketers weren’t happy with the fact that outlook 2010 is using the Microsoft Word 2010 rendering engine […]

Has Outlook Improved with the Release of 2010? Did the release of Outlook 2010 signify a step forward in the email marketing world? Probably not. In general, most email marketers have been frustrated with Microsoft since the release of Outlook 2007 when they began using Microsoft Word rather than Internet Explorer as their email-rendering engine. […]