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Hyde Park Baptist Church, located deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, reached out to us with the need to create a stronger, more appealing way to communicate to its members.  With that in mind, we were able to assist HPBC by creating email templates that would allow them to send out customized weekly messages […]

On occasion, we review HTML email code for a few clients. This review isn’t an audit. It’s an answer to a client’s plea for help. Sometimes a client will approach us for help because they can’t figure out how to fix an image that refuses to sit in the right place or how to correct […]

First impressions make up a huge percentage of the overall impact you will have on any given reader of your marketing emails. Experts estimate that in a face-to-face first contact, you have seven seconds to make your first impression and that 93% of that impression will be based on non-verbal factors. In the email world, […]

We have just rolled out a number of new features to eConnect Email, and we are very excited to share them with you here.  As always, we want to make eConnect Email better, stronger and more fun to use, so this new batch of updates is geared towards making subscriber management and campaign building easier […]

I want to talk about the host of new email templates that we have just rolled out that you can immediately use for your own email campaigns, for free. If you have an eConnect Email account, these templates have been pre-installed for you.  To use them for your campaigns, simply start a new campaign and […]