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I recently sent a work-related email to a colleague with some time sensitive information in it. Not being in email marketing mode, I included the words “time sensitive” in the subject line and hit send. Several days later when I hadn’t heard back, I called him to see if he had received my message. He […]

Plenty has been said about how to keep email marketing messages out of the spam trap, how to keep subscribers from clicking the spam button, and how to stay relevant. But underneath all this practical advice is a deeper question: What constitutes spam in the first place? Most people define spam as any marketing message […]

Ever wondered how email messages get flagged as spam? For every email campaign you create, there is a possibility that up to 20% of the emails you send will wind up flagged as spam. The responsibility can be shared by indiscriminate spam filters and poorly constructed newsletters, but the bottom line for businesses is determining […]

Given the amount of spam constantly battering inboxes, ISPs are understandably cracking down. And while most people are thrilled to have less spam, the 20% of legitimate emails that never make it may be cause for concern. If you are an email marketer you have a vested interest in practicing habits that will increase your […]

Don’t buy email lists! It’s wrong and it hurts your brand. If that’s not enough to stop you, then please remember the puppies! Don’t buy email lists…don’t kill puppies!