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Worried about the response rate to your email campaign? If so, you’re not alone. Over 90% of email subscribers have unsubscribed from a list they initially opted into. Of those, the majority have done so because they felt the content was boring or irrelevant. Did you see those numbers? Go back and read them again. […]

I can hear some of you groaning now. Testing, you say? Please, don’t talk to me about testing. I know. The very thought of testing is enough to send some of you into hibernation for the winter. But before you settle down for a long winter’s nap, let’s take a look at how testing can […]

A couple weeks ago I received an email from my favorite aquarium store. Being a fish geek, I’m always interested in fish store sales. But this particular email caught my attention with an explosive subject line that read “Fourth of July Blowout Sale!” Sadly, the subject line was all that was explosive about it. Upon […]

How successful is your email marketing campaign? That can be a tough question to answer, especially since so many elements must work together to create measurable success. The real question, then, should be how you can quantify success in order to know when you’ve got it and what you can change in order to generate […]