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Auto-responders make it easy to stay on top of key aspects of your email campaign. Most companies use an auto-responder to welcome new subscribers, but these email gems are often overlooked when it comes to other types of contact. Ready to branch out? Consider using auto-responders in the following instances to help you stay connected […]

Is your email marketing program in need of a redesign? If you haven’t evaluated your marketing practices since last year, then it’s time to ask some pertinent questions about your marketing objectives and strategy. Consider these best practices and start your new year off on the right foot. 1.     Craft Your Welcome Letter as a […]

The explosion of social media and mobile devices has proved to be a game-changer for email marketing. While email marketing is alive and thriving, strategies must change to capitalize on consumer behavior in order for companies to leverage their email marketing campaigns most effectively.  As we look back over 2010, we can note the shifts […]

In the aftermath of Black Friday and with Christmas just a couple days away, most businesses are operating on full-throttle holiday adrenaline. Promotional emails and advertising messages flood customer inboxes, but if businesses could step inside the mind of the reader as they’re faced with all these emails, what would they find? During the week […]

I recently subscribed to Entertainment Weekly and naturally gave them my email address when I created my profile online. Not long after, I received an email from Entertainment Weekly that said I could register for the Advance Screening Program and see new Hollywood movies before they hit the theaters. Unfortunately, the email was too good […]