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People love to play online. Part of the appeal of Facebook is that it gives you so many opportunities to interact with people and with the companies you’re following. Email has traditionally been less interactive than websites or social media, but the current trend in email marketing is to enable interaction with the subscriber. That […]

Including video in an email can add life to the overall campaign.  It can also cause your messaging to fall short if the video isn’t done correctly. In order to use video effectively, you need to know when to use it, how to include it in your emails, and how to communicate effectively with your […]

Ok, let’s get this sorted quickly.  The answer is simply no.  Online video has been the new kid on the marketing block for quite some time, with companies big and small jumping in with some form of video marketing. Recently, Goodmail, a third-party reputation services provider (RSP), was talking about allowing email marketers to deliver […]